Foresters Cottages | Pet friendly holiday cottages in Houghton, NorfolkForesters Cottages are located just a stones throw from the famed North Norfolk Coast which has the prestige of being a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. In addition, the cottages themselves are located within a conservation area.

IMG_0947The environment and the impact that our business has is ever in our minds in terms of what we can do to reduce our carbon footprint to help preserve this stunning landscape which we are fortunate enough to call home for generations to come.

During 2014, we have invested heavily in renewable energy generation and we are proud to say that both our own family home and both Holyhock and Foxglove Cottages are heated from a 50 kilowatt Biomass Boiler that runs on wood pellet sourced from sustainably managed UK woodlands.

We have also installed a 4 kilowatt solar panel system to supply electricity to the property.